Barber Vintage Festival 2015 - GT-Moto

Barber Vintage Festival is one of the biggest events we have ever experienced. It is THE biggest event for anything vintage. Heaven on Earth. This year we got invited to have a handful of our bikes at the Weldon Jack Barber Booth. We were honored to have been a part of their first experience at this event. They had a booth set up over at the paddock area, invited by Vanson Leathers, where we got to see all the racers getting ready in the pits.  We even got up close and in person with a few of the Britten's! It was my dads first time here as well, so we had to take him to the Museum! It was his favorite part. They will be expanding the Museum by another 80,000 sq. ft. this time next year. Be sure to check it out and get your tickets for the Ace corner, as it will also be our first year with a GT-Moto Booth!!! 

We had the pleasure of seeing some of our great long distant friends and making some new ones. The talent at this event is mind blowing. Royal Enfield did an incredible job hosting the Ace Corner. Walt Siegl made a last minute trip and showed off a couple of his new bike builds. Janus Motorcycles also brought some of my favorite bikes that I have been drooling over for a long time.  

All in all it made the top best weekends of the year... AGAIN.