Megadeluxe Feature

Megadeluxe is one of those amazing websites that you discover, and then hours later you realize you need to get back to work... This website features all kinds of stories for gear heads like us, that we can sit and drool on our keyboards for hours. Thanks to the magic of social media, Chet Parson wanted to learn a little more about what we do here at GT-Moto! His buddy Brad Holt (also the one who is now filming Loryn's bike build) came out to our over-packed two car garage to see how we manage. Check out the video and learn the story!


Sofi Tsingos :: GT MOTO

From Chet Parsons…
“By way of social media, I discovered Sofi Tsingos, a young woman building exquisite café racers in the Dallas suburbs, just minutes away from where I live. Equally impressive as the quality of her work is the story of how it all started. I introduced myself to Sofi and soon thereafter introduced her to my friend and videographer Brad Holt, who agreed to produce this video to share her story.”