GT-Moto & Leatherman Go To The 75th Sturgis Bike Rally!

(My one and only attempt in making my own video... It at least gets the point across...)

The Leatherman company keeps blowing my mind. They seem so far from a "company" and more like a close family. These are some of the most amazing people I have ever come across, Each with very interesting backgrounds, but they all have the same passion.  It's rare to find a company who has recruited such great people who actually want to make a difference. This was their first time to join the Sturgis experience and to actually see how crazy amazing the Moto Industry is! 

They invited my Dad and I to join them this year and show case a couple of our new builds. We brought his 1973 BMW R75/5 and the 1977 CB550 Cafe. We started our drive first thing Saturday morning and arrived late Sunday. By Monday morning, the streets were packed, taking almost an hour to drive down the street to our location. We unloaded and finally got to just hang out, see old friends, and make new ones! 

Best moments were the ones where a few of my favorite Moto Ladies stopped by our booth! Theresa Contreras, Jessi Combs, Krystal Hess, and Erin Hunter Sills... These are some of the most talented humans on this planet and was so great to see all of them in one spot!

Letherman showcased their new Tread, a tool you can wear! It was a huge hit this year at Sturgis and we can wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

For more info on this badass tool:

Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras @ The Real Deal:

Krystal Hess Powder Coating:

Erin Hunter Sills: