Bethany's CafeRacer Raffle Party!

Sunday, May 31st at Goodfriends Bar in Dallas was a huge day, and a lot of friends, bikes, and beer... But most importantly, Bethany! This was the day that all of our hard work came together for our Moto Mama. And what a great day to celebrate her last round of Chemo. A few months ago, our moto family stepped up and built a BEAUTIFUL bike in ONE DAY! A Honda CB350. Anyone who knows anything about Cafe Racers knows this bike is a must have. Hundreds of people came together and purchased raffle tickets to win this bad boy, but one lucky guy got to take her home Sunday. The bike, though, was not the highlight of this day... it was seeing Bethany out and about, spending time with everyone who was there for her. She is a true beauty who still has a long road of surgeries, radiation, and recovery. She is a real trooper for coming out that day.

Brandon LaJoie took some incredible photos of the event. We want to thank everyone so much for being there to show your support for Beth and our famous Moto Family Community, and we especially thank those who supported us online and who could not be there, These photos are for you guys!

Beth's story is not over, so stay with us and continue to read her Blog.