A Day With The Leatherman Crew!

I was sitting at my desk one morning, checking emails just like any normal day when I see an email and thought it was just a sales pitch to purchase some product, I am so glad I did not trash that email. It was a life changing email. One that made me realize that all the "blood, sweat, and tears" had all been worth it. Leatherman asked me for our story here at GT-Moto. Building a bike from the ground up is one thing, but building a business from nothing is totally different, and when a company, like Leatherman, recognizes you and your hard work, it shows us that we just might be doing something positive. It was a very motivating experience that Brandon LaJoie captured from behind the scenes (see photos below). This Blog goes out to Leatherman and all the great guys we got to work with. I have never worked with a group of guys who were that professional yet laid back at the same time. I have always been a nervous wreck when asked to get in front of a group of people and speak, much less talk in front of a camera. I hate the way I sound and look (I'm a girl, I can't help it). But meeting this crew and working with them made it feel easy and natural. I believe in the product they design and sell. I truly look up to them and the empire they built from the ground up. They are incredibly inspiring. 

See Leatherman Tread: http://www.leatherman.com/tread.html

Photos By Brandon LaJoie: