The Brighter Side of Cancer?

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention another side effect of chemo that apparently doctors haven’t heard of but is very well known on cancer message boards... Eye twitches. They are very annoying and I am not sure how long they last yet, but I started getting them around round 3. I keep thinking every time I go somewhere that people are thinking, "Why does that bald cancer lady keep winking at me?"

On another note: Having cancer, infections all the time (because of the chemo), and low blood counts means I have a lot of down time. Down time means that I watch a lot of TV. My 2 favorite day time shows are the Price is Right and Ellen. I always liked The Price is Right as a kid but I think I appreciate even more having cancer. You get to see these super excited people "come on down" and try to win prizes, which most do, and to see their happiness is a nice escape from the dark thoughts of cancer. I love Ellen because, much like the Price is Right, she is always giving people prizes and they are so happy about it. Plus I like that she dances and makes the audience dance and she makes me laugh. I know it sounds totally lame but when you have cancer it’s the little things that make your day or even just your moment a little better. What I absolutely refuse to do is watch any movies or shows that have characters with cancer. Mainly because I get frustrated that Hollywood doesn’t seem to understand that people actually do survive cancer. Seriously! I haven’t seen a cancer survivor in a single movie yet. I know it creates drama, but seriously... Couldn’t they once have at least a back story of a survivor and how they beat it?