Chemo: Round 2

Round 2 Day 1: Ok round 2 here we go. Forgot to put my numbing cream on early enough for it to be fully in effect so I got a good painful stick in the shoulder today....ouch!

Round 2 Day 4: Day 4 after round 2 of chemo. The doctor lied, this is not getting easier as it goes. This week has been a really rough and painful battle with last night and this morning being the worst yet. I am hoping I will be getting better soon. I seriously do not know how much my body can take

Round 2 Days 6 - 14: After 4 days of being in extreme pain I finally went to the ER. Turns out I had an impacted colon which caused me to retain 4 liters of fluid in my bladder; this in turn caused an infection which caused me to have Neutropenia fever. It seems that every time I had tried to call my oncologists office for advice on how to handle my lovely side effect of constipation I kept getting bad advice after bad advice which led me to a lot of pain, unreasonable thinking and decision making and a four day battle in the hospital fighting for my life. I was pumped full of antibiotics through IV from Tuesday night to Thursday morning. Antibiotics which caused me to have extreme side effects such as hallucinations, feelings of extreme detachment, depression, fogginess, nightmares, and a host of many more. I feel like I have been to hell and back. The good news is the situation has made me really mad and convinced if I didn’t die from that then now I know I will survive, and time to find a new oncologist, one that I can talk to and can answer questions in a way that I can understand. So I have a week to find a new oncologist before I am due for my next round. I have found 2 that I like and have to get my doctor to get me a referral so I can get in with one of them ASAP, because I do not think I am going back to my current oncologist for round 3. 1 and 2 have not fared very well and he has not been able to offer me any advice with managing side effects so I am too scared to go back to him for round 3.

Well unfortunately when you are going through chemo if you pick the wrong horse you are just S.O.L. it seems that since I have already begun treatment with an oncologist that no other oncologists will take me and let me switch over to them. 

Went to get a sonogram and there was no tumor they could see just a very small butterfly shape. Woo Hoo! I’m cured. Not so fast the doctors say, you are on your way but still need to finish treatments to make sure we get it all and it doesn’t come back. No way I will be getting an early release from this thing. I just finished round #3 today, which means I am officially half way through the chemo part. I’m feeling kind of yucky and worn down tonight. I did notice when I was getting chemo that bringing a sleeping mask and IPod made all the difference in the world. I plan on staying in front of the side effects this time and keep myself from getting sick again. In fact I want to be able to exercise by Friday. I didn’t get to for the past 3 weeks due to the chemo, the hospital and then recovering from the hospital. On a good note I still have hair, not a lot it looks like Curly from the 3 Stooges, but at least I haven’t lost it all, and hopefully won’t, which means when chemo is over I’ll have a head start to growing it back out. Tomorrow is bone marrow shot which means my bones will be sore for the next few days. I am hoping I will feel good enough to come to the Bike Build Benefit for me on Sunday.