Barber 2016: GT-MotoLady Cancer Build

Here we go again!

Last year at the Barber Vintage Festival, Alicia (MotoLady) and I were shooting the sh*t, as always, and landed on GT-Moto's new raffle build for the year. We thought it would be fun to team up and design a bike together. Lucky for us (and perfect timing), our friends at MV Agusta reached out and asked if we wanted to build something using one of their Brutale 800 naked sportbikes and of course we said "Hell yas!"

Reality hit after I hung up the phone and realized that I just took on a challenge that I never thought I would have. How on earth would I be able to turn this Italian beauty into something custom, while ensuring that it stays just as gorgeous as it was in its original form? My favorite part of building is learning, and this will be one of my favorite learning challenges. MV has always been one of those bikes that I read about in magazines, dream about when I should be working, and drool on when I see one in person. The last thing I want is to ruin what I already think is perfect... Challenge accepted! 

To the drawing board we went. Alicia flew into Dallas from Long Beach, California so that we could just sit and stare at this bike and hopefully come up with an idea that stays true to its Italian heritage but is customized it enough to call it our own. During the build, we always keep in mind that this is a special process. It's for children who are cursed with a life-altering disease. It's for all those families who stop their own lives and hold their breath in hopes of curing their child. F**k CANCER! I am not a doctor, but I can build. I can take what we create and turn it into money, and we can give that money to St. Jude's Cancer Research Organization where no family pays a single bill and they are always trying to find better ways to make kids healthy again.

At this years Barber Festival, we debuted the MV. Even though it was not finished, we knew that everyone would appreciate seeing it "mid-build" with all of the raw materials and detailed changes. The outcome for this year's event was amazing! I enjoyed meeting all of the people I follow on social media. Everyone was so nice and they shared the best stories. This event is one I look forward to each year and this year did not disappoint!

We want to thank our Moto Family sponsors for coming together and donating what they can so that we can keep our cost low, otherwise we would not be able to do this! 

Also a massive thanks to those who share our story because that is what helps spread the word and what sells TICKETS! Prices are $25/ticket or 5 tickets for $100! Also, be sure to check out our new SHIRTS with a Carter Asmenn art print on the front showing our final concept of the MV! You can follow the build and see updated photos on any of our social media feeds or on our DONATE page!

Not Finished yet!

Best smile from Papa ever captured in a photo :) Good job Brandon!


Just finished our newest custom build! 1979 Honda CB650!

Best spot in Ace Corner!


Booth was packed all weekend!

One of my favorite humans, Steve West / owner of Silver Piston, look him up!

Hair cuts from our friends at Weldon Jack going on all weekend!

My two favorite geniuses: Victor (creator of Icengine Works) and his Son Little Victor! 

Man crush: THE Walt Siegl. Woman Crush: Brie (boss lady at Royal Enfield)