To: The Moto Lady

There are so many words to explain a Moto Lady. She is confident and strong. She craves knowledge. She is beautiful inside and out. She is powerful. The list goes on. There is a huge amount of these women coming into the moto world, And the biggest reason these women are being exposed is because of one gorgeous and insanely talented woman. SHE is the original Moto Lady... Her name is Alicia Elfving.

She has brought out the beauty of women around the world who straddle these amazing machines. She created a wave of powerful women coming together to build what I've seen become one of the biggest movements in motorcycle history. And for that, I am dedicating this entry to you Alicia. Thank you for everything you do. You are not afraid to show the world and your hundreds of thousands of followers, not just your talent, but also your struggles. You show how difficult it can be to learn how to fabricate, design, build bikes, and handle social media. You are not afraid to give thanks to those who have helped you get to where you are now. Showing how powerful you can be yet staying humble is an incredible balance that you have achieved.

I was so honored the first time you asked to post up a photo of mine years ago. But you didn't just post that ONE photo and move on like many writers do. You stay with those stories you have found, you continue to follow their personal paths in the moto world, and you let everyone else follow them as well. You have created one of the most amazing families EVER. 

Flying out to Cali to receive the "Moto Lady of the Year" Award was the LEAST I could do. I honestly believe you are the True Moto Lady of the Year! I hope you see how much everyone adores you, not just because you're a chick on a bike, but because you have brought us all closer. You have connected us and I can not wait to see what else comes out of this community.

We put together a little video from our visit, Hope you like it!