1st Build, You always learn a lot, The hard way...


2009 was the spark that started it all. My dad and I FELL IN LOVE with this (new to us) style of motorcycles. It was another form of art to us, but on wheels! And Loud! Our brains immediately started ticking. We subscribed to every Cafe Magazine we could find, and read all kinds of "Do the Ton" forums.

My Dad chose to start building a Triton. Now he loves traditional, where I love retro. Old school meets new school. Art Deco meets Roland Sands.  It was killing me that I could not join him in building a Cafe as well, due to attending Wyotech and being broke... BUT in 2010, it was my turn! 

We started with a 1977 Honda CB550: 18' wheels front and rear, GSXR front end with CBR600rr rotors and GSXR calipers, Harley front hub and front headlight bucket, stock rear brake drum, aircraft steel grade rear suspension loop with a Hagon shock and Ducati ride height adjuster, Ohlins front steering damper, Benelli tank and custom made seat that we molded from flower foam that we got at Hobby Lobby. The motor blue printed, and bored to a 605cc kit with a CB650 cam. Tied all together with freshly built carbs and a DynaTech Electronic Ignition.

All I have to say is, she handles nice :)

*** CLICK the Photo Link Below for the Bike Build Details***