Looking Forward to Part 3

I am looking forward to getting part 3 of cancer treatment done and put behind me, although I do think it will be the easiest. I still have hormone blocking medicines I will have to take after radiation which I am not sure what the side effects will be yet and of course the long road of restoration.  I’ll get my lumpy tissue expanders exchanged for implants in either December or January depending on when radiation is done so I am happy about that. I’m also glad I have a petite frame because it did not take much to fill me up. It doesn’t hurt because they put the freezy spray on me before they put in the giant needle to fill up the expanders and I can’t feel anything, but I still get nervous every time.

I was thinking about this crazy ride and how I wish I would have paid attention to the warning signs last year.  Last year was the first time I had health insurance in about 8 years so I was not really use to going to the doctor. I had gotten my physical in March before I had any symptoms and everything was great so I really thought I was going through hormone changes, still I wish I wouldn’t have put off going to the doctor to get checked out. The first sign things weren’t right was my extreme hormone related mood swings, the second was I began getting really bad hormone related migraines, one so bad that it landed me in the ER last summer, third was my left breast became larger than my right, fourth was I would experience extreme fatigue about midway through my day, so much so that I would pass out on the couch. It wouldn’t be until my breast began to turn red that I finally realized I had to go to the doctor and of course by that time it was at the stage we ended up at.  I’m not saying the outcome would have been that much different, maybe my treatments wouldn’t have had to have been as aggressive and my 5 year survival rate odds would have been better, but it is what it is and here I am, besides I know for a fact that I will not die of this illness.  I just cannot emphasize enough to everyone please learn from my experience and listen to your body, if something is not right with it go get it checked out, and ladies please go get mammograms.

Well that is it for now. Stay posted on my adventures in radiation. Thanks for reading and sending out all the love.