2008 Ducati Sport Classic

Years ago I worked at a Ducati dealer. I never thought that one of my first customers at that shop would turn out to be a customer that I would have after opening my own shop. I also never thought that I would have the chance to build a custom Sport Classic. I actually had a hard time saying yes to this build as I already thought the bike was perfect to start with! It turned out to be one of my all time favorite builds because I got the chance to challenge myself with the design. How to do take something that is perfect and make it better? For some reason Nolan (owner/friend of the bike) trusted my Dad and I to figure it out! We chose to make the tank and seat from fiberglass, the same stuff they use to make boats and airplanes from. The resins and the inner coating will hold up to the gas (even the crappy ethanol). We took apart the wheels to have the rim powder coated and restore the chrome spokes. The frame was left alone as I wanted to make sure that if he ever wanted to go back to stock, he can. The bike was fitted with clip on, rear sets, and a new custom designed dash cover that we 3D printed from home to give it a sleeker look. The exhaust was slightly modified to have room for the new CNC'd rear sets and then had it ceramic coated black. We found a nice new set of CNC black aluminum belt covers with a clear window to see the belts move when running. Conti hooked us up with a new set of street tires for the freshly coated wheels.