GT-MotoLady MV Agusta Charity Build

A couple years ago Alicia (The MotoLady) and I were talking about GT-Moto's next charity build giveaway. We came up with the idea to partner up and see what kind of money we can raise together. She has a great eye for design and a massive social media following that could reach more people for raising money. We chose do donate to St. Jude Children's hospital as they never give a single bill to any families and have an active research facility for a cure for cancer. Last year 2016, We were able to also partner up with MV Agusta as they supplied us with a 2014 Brutale 800! Alicia flew to Dallas to spend some time taking the bike apart and coming up with a plan for the build. I would like to say that building a modern bike that I think is already a gorgeous bike and design it to be just as beautiful if not more was a very fun challenge I was ready to take on. We went with a scrambler/tracker combo with an all aluminum tank, tail, and headlight number plate with JW LED lights. Conti Tyre donated a set of these off road/ on road combo set of knobbies that handle way better on the street then I could have imagined. We ended up stripping the bike to the frame and modifying the subframe and doing a semi gloss black powder coat. Finished it off with a copper pearl over white metallic with a raw finish aluminum stripe. In the end we ended up raising $25,000 and chose a lucky winner who lives outside of Fort Worth (and happy to now call them my friends!)