1948 Harley Davidson Servi-Car Restoration:

I want to start off by talking about an incredibly accomplish man who was a best friend to my Dad and I, Delmo Johnson. Back in the day Delmo's father started Johnson Chevrolet, known to be the first and biggest in Dallas. Delmo took over this dealer after a while and became recognized as one of the best Race Car drivers in the 60's, one of his main competitors (and one of his closest friends) Carol Shelby. My dad got to know these men long after their racing career and after selling off his dealer. He decided to get more into flying and playing with airplane. He would bring his plane to My dads hanger at Addison, just across the ramp from his own play house. He became one of our best friends. Aside from his ridiculously awesome past, he always smelled amazing. That old school cologne lingering around his shop where we would go on weekends to work on a Shelby Cobra (ironic, huh?) while we would be working, he would just be rolling around whistling and telling old race stories, talking about his collection of cars, and how much he loved the busty blonds! He was my favorite. Before his passing, While he was running the dealer, Delmo used this Trike to toe the cars around the car lot or during a delivery, it would be towed behind one of the cars, the car would be given to the new owner, and the driver would unhook the bike and ride it back to the dealership. over 20,000 miles were put on this before parked at the hanger in 1956. We chose to restore this for Delmo so he could have something to ride around the airport on. My Dad (George Tsingos) figured out how to make this into an electric start so that Delmo didn't have to kick it over. It took the better part of the winter to restore this, by summer time it was better than new. We took this to cars and coffee once and a couple other shows, unfortunately we will no longer be able to show it off for Delmo anymore. But it was a great memory shared. It was his pride and joy and we are happy to have known him. 

~In Loving Memory~

Delmo Johnson