What Do The People Want!!!

Ok so, we are coming close to the painting part of the GT-MotoLady MV Raffle bike project and we want to hear what the people want! Check out the mock up photos by Alicia (MotoLady) and Dom Schulz at the bottom of the page! We have two different paint design options:

1) Two tone 1/2 white / 1/2 copper with an aluminum racing stripe and black pin stripe separating the two colors.

2) All pearl white paint with an aluminum racing stripe and copper pin stripe outlining the racing stripe and to accent the copper on the wheels. 

(you might have to scroll down to see the 'Submit' button if using a PC)

These are not the exact design! The raw aluminum racing stripe is not added on these drawings and the wheels are Black rims with a raw Aluminum lip, copper pinstripe between the black and raw lip. The spokes are black with a Copper hub and spoke nipples.