1980 KZ440 B-1:

2015 was an awesome busy year. I made a grown up decision to go full time with GT-Moto and create something that my dad and I can do together. We were at a charity event for our great friend Bethany Hoye. She got diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She and her husband decided to raffle off her freshly built Honda CB350 that her hubby Dylan built for her. During their event I met a determined and humble girl named Loryn. I also met her 'Little Rat' that she named. It was a terrifying motorcycle. This little KZ440 was hardly running on one cylinder, the throttle was hanging on by a thread, battery acid leaking on the rear tires... just so much wrong. It broke my heart to hear that this new, wide eyed, and brave rider got taken advantage of when not only purchasing her first bike, but also from a local dealer (that has sense closed down). She asked for our help and chose to have us build her dream bike. She is the best customer a builder could ask for. She gave us her trust and a few random colors to chose from and told us to have had it. She did not see anything being done to her little rat until it was fully built. She didn't even know the exact color. 

Now the was beyond a restoration. We saved what we could and fully restored to spec the motor, front end, tank, brake drums, and wheels. The rest, we gave it our own taste to it. Harley headlight, custom tail to show off the gorgeous lines the tank already had, rear mono shock suspension, rear seat loop, exhaust, and seat. Topped it off with a nice cream colored frame, black motor rims and forks. Polished engine covers and brake drum covers and with a nice olive green metallic paint job and a cream stripe down the center.