1966 Ducati 350 Sebring:

This build started off as a barn find... or, in more modern terms, it was an eBay find! Knowing our love for Ducati, this was the perfect restoration project. It was also our first experience with the bevel style Ducati head. The parts are hard to find so most of the parts where just brought back to life, the parts that we could not restore had to be sought out from Italy. $$$ We even saved the original seat internals and springs. We found period correct tank decals, chromed the tank with single stage black paint and gold pin stripe. Re-plated all of the original hardware (nuts and bolts) polished the rest of the original parts that did not have fresh paint or powder coat. When the resto was finished, she started the first kick! Even though this single thumper is a small displacement motor, it will brake your leg during kick back, so Ducati (being ahead of its time in many ways) installed a decompression lever right by the front brake lever that you hold, then let go right before you kick it over. Once you find that sweet spot, she starts right up.  

The History:

"In 1926, the brothers Adriano and Marcello Ducati founded Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati, a company in Bologna producing tubes, condensers and other radio components.[1] On June 1, 1935, the cornerstone of a factory in Borgo Panigale was laid. By 1940, the company was engaged in the manufacture of electronic equipment for the military, making the factory a target for Allied bombing. The Ducati factory at Borgo Panigale was hit badly more than once, but maintained production.

In 1965, the first new concept bike arrived. The 350 Sebring was the largest Ducati of the day. Typically, Ducati built a racing 350 first. The 350 class was not common in the United States, so when Ducati team rider Franco Farne went to America to race at Sebring race, he had to race in an event catering to 251-700 cc machines. Despite the larger capacity opposition, he finished 11th overall and, more importantly, won his own class outright. In honor of Farne's victory the new model became the 350 Sebring.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducati_singles